Highly Fabulous Women

Where Being Fabulous Becomes A Lifestyle!

Welcome to Highly Fabulous Women and I am so glad you came by.  Let me tell  you first of all why I created the Highly Fabulous Women brand.

In my  own words, I wanted to reach out to that woman who has decided, even subconsciously, that her life is over. When I say over, I mean in terms of as an individual human being, in her own right. She could be a busy mother, a faithful wife, busy member of the community or in her church and seem to be doing just fine.

However underneath it all, she is disgruntled and unsatisfied. I use the word unsatisfied instead of dissatisfied because she has a lot of good things in her life that she is grateful for however she is still unfulfilled.

She realizes that what she has is not everything. She realizes that fulfilling certain roles isn't enough.  

She recognizes that something deep is still gnawing away at her causing her to ask herself questions. Why else she is in the world? What else is she here to do. She has begun asking herself the bigger questions. Helping her to answer those questions is part of my own mandate.

Another reason for me doing what I do is that many times when she comes to this realization she has experienced some things that have caused her to lessen her voice, or to quiet her voice or not even have her voice. Some things have taken away her confidence; chipped away at her self esteem and self belief and even when she discovers her bigger purpose she feels unable to rise to it.

Helping her to heal and find the wherewithal to achieve all she is capable of is another part of my own mandate.

At one time in my life I came to a place where I realized I was doing far less than I could do; that being a wife and mother and a leader in the community was admirable and a blessing in so many ways; yet I began to see I was here to be more and do more. Giving myself permission to do this and to see that there was greatness in me yet to be released and unleashed was a journey. It was a journey I was determined to take.   To date, this has taken me to Atlanta, New York and London, it has been a trip, a great ride and an exciting adventure. As I opened up to life, life opened up to me.

I aim to show other women that life will open up to receive and amply their greatness and fabulousness in the world too.