Being fabulous is not the exclusive domain of the rich and glamorous instead being fabulous is for the woman who believes in the beauty of her dream and dares to live it.  

A Woman Like You.

First of all the fabulous woman is not the perfect woman. Neither is she the most beautiful woman in the world. She is not a woman without a past. She is not someone who has never made mistakes or never been disappointed. She has known pain and hurt and fear.

But one day the fabulous woman recognised that she could change. She recognised that she could be who she wanted to be. She gave herself a new story, a new reality and a new way of life.

Demonstrated through these key principles, this book shares how every woman has the potential to live an exceptional life once she embraces these 7 highly fabulous  habits.

The author is an inspiring speaker and her highly fabulous message is impacting women everywhere. She is known for her compassion as well as her direct views. Working with other influencers across the world, she is helping to change the lives of many with her inspirational approach to life and living.

This book is available on Kindle and in paperback. Purchase  your copy here via Amazon .

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