Being highly fabulous as a woman is a great  thing but even better is the  empowerment of  young girls to be  highly fabulous from the start.

During the school years young women can  face body image issues, poor self esteem,  low expectations in science and maths, she may be comparing herself to other girls and thinking that she is not enough as she is, she could be going home each day to a home where domestic violence is the norm, she could also be dealing with her inner anxieties  by cutting or abusing  alcohol, some  may be using tranquilizers for depression.

Highly Fabulous Girls is especially created for girls 13+ and supports them through its Highly Fabulous Design Your Life Programs with elements on Building Confidence,  Building Self Esteem, Goal Setting and Overcoming Unfabulous Beliefs, Body Image, Finding Your Own Voice, Being Your Own Advocate,  Managing Social Media and more.  

An overview from Building  Self Esteem is below. 


1. Knowledge of Self

This covers your understanding of who you believe you are. It asks what you
believe you can do; what you think and say about yourself;  how you formed
your opinions, your values and beliefs about life. What  you believe about work, education,  money, success, love, etc. Do you still want to hold to these beliefs and
values? How are they serving you?

2. Self Mastery

This looks at how to overcome imposed or presumed limitations. It looks at
breaking the influences and ties of negative thought processes and
patterns. It will see where any habits are causing problems. We will look at taking responsibility for changing these.

3. Personal Inventory

This is where the girls identify their fabulousness. Where they acknowledge the things they are great at  and look at ways to do what they love and do it with excellence.  A great way to prepare for their professional future and  their personal relationships.

These programs are ideal for schools and colleges.  Working models include working in groups as well as with a partner as well as giving individual assignments to each girl.

Each of these courses are six weeks (sessions) in length and presented by our Highly Fabulous Trainers and Mentors.