The Highly Fabulous Power List 2018 celebrates women who are standing out in their field and also empowering other women to live to their highest potential, overcoming every obstacles that may have beset them, and continuing daily to make an impact in their world. Happy International Women's Month.

1. Tamar Huggins, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker 

Tamar is the founder of Tech Spark, Canada's first and only tech and design school committed to creating racial and gender diversity in tech. Tech Sparks' mission is to improve the educational and socio-economic opportunities for marginalized and racialized youth, through innovative tech programming. 

Tamar is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, who has been featured in Black Entertainment Television, Canadian Living, and The Huffington Post. In 2012, Tamar founded DRIVEN Accelerator Group, a nonprofit organization committed to improving the socio-economic status of marginalized people through technology-based programming. She developed DRIVEN Startups—an advanced training program for tech entrepreneurs.  In 2015, Tamar was named the Harry Jerome Young Entrepreneur, and honored as one of 100 Black Women to Watch.

2. Jam Gamble, Presenter and Producer
Jam is a gifted leader who pushes the envelope and encourages everyone to cultivate their own inner light and abilities. The multi-passionate media personality and speaker is on a mission to provide a voice for all. From the classroom to the stage; She is part social change agent, part media maverick and part leader of the new school. The Brampton raised speaker inspires women to go beyond their limitations and grab hold of the life that they want. She created and launched her program, Empower Me, which is a non-profit fitness and education program for adults with Developmental Disabilities.  Jam is also the show host and producer of  A Voice for All that airs on TV and is a place where the community comes together to learn, subscribe to and recognize that full inclusion for people with disabilities is for the betterment of the community on the whole.

3. Cheryl Nembhard,  Film Maker and Advocate against Social Injustice in the City of Toronto. She is a formidable force in the Arts & Media community and has been a long standing Advocate against Social Injustice in the City of Toronto for many years. Through her work, Cheryl continues to define the title 'Arts Advocate' as she uses her incredible talents in Theatre & Film, tackling some of the toughest societal topics.  Beyond the stage, she has dedicated most of her life to community service, helping those in need. For over a decade, Cheryl has been involved in the rehabilitation of troubled youth, former gang members, ex- drug addicts, rape victims and teenage mothers. Cheryl has focused her life on working and establishing creative spaces as outlets to discover themselves and find healing.  

Cheryl has won the Award of Excellence Humanitarian award in Toronto as well as the Pioneer for 2016 award recognizing her work with Youth & the Arts. Cheryl was recently featured by CBC Toronto as one of 150 Black Women who have made a place in Canadian History. In 2017  Cheryl was awarded the BBPA Harry Jerome Social Advocacy award, which is the highest national award level for African Canadians.

4. Stacy Ann Buchanan  - Actress, Producer, Film Maker and Mental Health Advocate. Stacy has created a documentary called The Blind Stigma which discusses mental health within the black community by chronicling and providing a platform for the stories of five individuals, herself included, on their trials and triumphs within mental health.

5. Sherica Spence, Visionary and Founder of Skye Alexandra House. A semi-independent living service for vulnerable young girls. Sherica works with victims/survivors of Child Sexual Abuse providing workshops looking into abuse, personal well-being, life skills and more.  She believes its important to continue to raise awareness about sexual exploitation and that it is vital for parents, teachers and professionals to know how to spot a child possibly being sexually exploited. 

6. Tatiana Giraud, Model Runway Coach, Fashion Blogger, Congo Activist and CEO of the TG Foundation.  This UK registered charity helps women and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo who are victims of rape and sexual violence.  The charity financially supports hospitals in the remote or less developed areas of the Kivu region in the DRC providing health care, psychological treatments, temporary housing, and job training programs.

7. Muzvare Betty Makoni, CNN Hero for Protecting the Powerless, Gender Consultant, Founder of  (Girl Child Network) GCN Worldwide, this leader of leaders is known in many circles.  Her GCN has been replicated in Uganda, USA, UK, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Kenya and other parts of the world.  She has over 44 global awards for her work with young girls and has been recognized alongside Novel Peace Prize winners including President Nelson Mandela. Her mission includes so much but ultimately seeks to empower girls with leadership skills and provide healing from rape trauma.

8. Joyce Obaseki, Teacher and Women's advocate, Joyce is the founder of nationally recognised charity Grant a Smile.  This charity provides intervention support in the form of house cleaning for families battling illness and at the same time it grants wishes to the children.  Dealing with chronic illness can be very difficult and causes feelings of isolation. This charity provides emotional support and practical help thereby relieving depression and mental stress.

9. Waynett Peters, Humanitarian and founder of The Extraordinary Achievers, Waynett Peters is an exceptional community minded leader.  Her community endeavours find her not only providing for the needs of the homeless but providing workshops and seminars on life skills, confidence and well being.  By contributing a great deal of  time to good causes such as  'Reclaiming Our Children Back from The Streets (ROC)'  as well as local events where the elders are celebrated and valued; her work has won her a number of awards. 

10. Dr Miranda Brawn, Investment Banker, Barrister, Philanthropist, Social Entrepreneur and Founder of the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation, Dr Miranda has been named as one of the UK leading experts and the go-to person for race diversity in the city. Her Foundation is a non-profit organisation aimed at helping black, asian and BAME future leaders while increasing diversity and equality. It has been awarded by the UK Prime Minister and personally praised by HRH Prince of Wales.  It aims to develop a pipeline of BAME talent in the 21st century.

11. Mimi Ajala, Mimi is the Women's Ministry Leader and Founder and Host of the Annual IGOGW, a faith based event designed to equip women to reach their full potential.  This Annual Conferences reaches thousands of women and has birthed many ministries, businesses and social enterprises. It unites women from all races and backgrounds and has hosted such names as Karen Brady and Tasha Cobbs-Leonard. Mimi continues to inspire and mentor women in their God given purposes and calling and is a powerful leader of women in the faith community.

12. Dr Ava Eagle Brown, Transformation Coach, International Speaker and Best Selling Author, Dr Ava has helped many to change their mindset and live their best life. Her story is one of courage, resilience and survival; and most of all a desire to win. Her best selling book, The Mango Girl, has been adapted for a Hollywood movie thereby enlarging exponentially the impact Dr Ava is having around the world on people's lives. She has used her traumatic past which includes extreme violence, incest and abuse to being a powerful example of confidence, strength and empowerment. Dr Ava is an authoritative voice in the world of personal growth and development.

13. Pearl Jarrett, CEO of The Jarrett Foundation, an international children's charity, a cancer winner instead of survivor, Pearl seeks to relieve hardship and distress for disadvantaged children around the world. As well as her charity work, Pearl is all about pushing the limits, no matter your age.  Her faith and commitment has led to many opportunities including being the face of a nationwide campaign by National Westminster Bank.  She is a woman who leads by example, overcoming serious illness, family challenges to pursue her passions.

14. Camille Dundas,  Camille Dundas is a social storyteller. She works for three different companies but they all tap into her storytelling skills on social media. Camille spent 10 years working as a television news producer for CBC and CTV. But most recently made a shift to Hootsuite as a consultant, where she helps businesses visualize their wildest social media dreams.

Camille also created two businesses with her husband Roger Dundas, one is publicity firm 404 Media Group, where she helps clients understand how to pitch their businesses to mainstream media. And the other is online magazine, where Camille serves as the editor in chief. is currently ranked #1 among online publications serving the Black Canadian community. The magazine recently won the Canadian Ethnic Media Association Innovation Award and Camille and her husband received a certificate from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recognizing the business on 5 years of serving a crucial need in the Black community, of telling and reflecting positive stories of success. “What we know for sure is that Black excellence is not the exception, it’s the norm,” says Camille.

15. Meghan Markle, Canadian Actress and Humanitarian Counsellor for Charity, a speaker on modern day slavery and gender equality, Meghan became a global ambassador for World Vision Canada, travelling to Rwanda for the Clean Water Campaign and to India to raise awareness of women's issues.  She has also worked with the UN Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women as an Advocate.  

16. Tracy Wilson Mourning,  Founder of the Honey Shine Mentor Program, Tracy is a Mentor, Motivational Speaker and Author. A Howard University graduate who majored in broadcast journalism, her mission is to provide nurturing experiences for women to enlighten their path and empower their future.  Her commitment is to inspire young girls to become future leaders.

17. Maya Nussbaum, Founder and Executive Director of Girls Write Now, a dynamic association of women writers, and a  volunteer powered community. It is also a non-profit after school program distinguished by the Presidents Committee on the Arts and Humanities as one of the top 15 in the nation. Maya has been named one of the top 20 philanthropists under 40 by the Observer and a White House Champion of Change.

18. Glory Edim, Founder of the Well Read Black Girl, a digital platform and book club that celebrates the uniqueness of black literature. In 2017 she organised the first ever Well Read Black Girl Festival.  She was the creative strategist for over ten start ups and cultural institutions including the Webby Awards, the New York Foundation for the Arts. Her Club has met with several award winning authors including Margo Jefferson, Naomi Jackson and Angela Flourney. Her mission is to increase the visibility of black women writers and initiate meaning conversation with readers.

19. Dr Max Pryce-Miller, Senior Lecturer Applied Professional Studies, International Coordinator, University of Worcester. Dr Pryce-Miller is a workshop facilitator, a Registered General Nurse and Registered Sick Children's Nurse. Dr Pryce-Miller has written for the Nursing Times, and the Nursing Standard on subjects such as Developing Compassion in Pre-Registration Education, and Using  Systemic Reviews to Inform Nursing Practice

20. Curly Martin,  After a terminal diagnosis of breast cancer and an aggressive form of lymphatic cancer, over 23 years ago, Curly is now an international bestselling author, the grandmother of life coach training,  who has built a successful coaching business.  As a business coach, mentor and trainer thousands of people have trusted her  with their business and coach training. Curly is the trail blazing author of the International ground-breaking bestseller The Life Coaching Handbook which was the very first life coaching book written specifically for life coaches on how to build a life coaching business in the world.  It is no wonder she is known as the pioneer of life coaching in the UK.

21. Florence Eshalomi,  Florence was elected to Lambeth Council in 2006 and  has held a number of key positions on the council including Deputy Cabinet Member for Communities and Young People, Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport & the 2012 Olympic. She chaired the Cooperative Libraries Commission in 2011 which helped to secure the future of Lambeth Libraries. She is now the Deputy Cabinet Member for Housing.

Florence has a strong interest in increasing participation in the arts and civic life. She has taken a leading role in local and national campaigns to encourage more young people and people from under-represented background to become more active in public life, politics and the arts.  Florence is currently the Public Affairs Manager at the Runnymede Trust, the UK's leading independent race equality think tank.

22. Natasha Benjamin, Founder and chief executive of the charity Free Your Mind, which offers emotional and mental health support to children who experience domestic violence.  She is a multi award-winning business woman and Self Care & Mental health Blogger. Natasha is also a Childhood Domestic violence consultant, Author, YouTube content maker and Speak. In September 2014, she published a book on Mental Illness called Free Your Mind – The Anthology.  The book came about as a way of experiencing healing through writing her story.  She wanted to help others speak out and share their experience and voice; she received an overwhelming response . The Anthology aims to Encourage, Educate and Empower everyone about the realities of living and recovering from a Mental Illness.

23. Dr Jan Etienne,  Associate Lecturer, Social Policy and Education.  In 2008, Dr Jan was the recipient of the Michael Stephens award to support her research into lifelong learning and first generation African Caribbean Women.  In her book, Learning in Womanist Ways: Narratives of first generation African Caribbean women, she explores the benefits of lifelong learning for black Caribbean women who came to Britain in the 1950s and 1960s.
Jan has also taught Academic English for speakers of English as a 'second other language' and evaluated the Birkbeck Postgraduate teaching programme for refugees into teaching. Dr Jan is a graduate of the School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol and author of: Lifelong learning in later years: choices and constraints for older women, in Jackson et al.

24. Professor Cecile Wright, Cecile was professor of Professor of Sociology at Nottingham Trent University for 13 years and is currently at the University of Nottingham as an honorary academic and independent researcher. She was the First Black Female Professor in the East Midlands. She specialises in the areas of education, youth, social mobility and social exclusion. She was recently engaged by the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner to investigate the relationship between the BME community and the police with a view to producing recommendations to improve relations. She spends time working for voluntary organisations, charities, a mental health charity and a women’s refuge in Derbyshire.  She is on the national executive of her  union, the University and College Union, to fight for better pay and pension rights. 

25. Meena Kandasamy,  is an Indian poet, fiction writer and activist. Most of her works are centred on feminism and the anti-caste Caste Annihilation Movement of the contemporary Indian milieu. Meena has published two collections of poetry and has won accolades for her work.  She is vocal about various contemporary political issues relating to caste, violence, and women's rights. She has faced a lot of abuse, hatred and threats for her fearless critiques and says 'this threat of violence shouldn't dictate what you are going to write or hinder you in any manner'.

26. Karen Allen, Author, Inspirational Speaker and  Conference Host, Karen's passion is to inspire, empower and help others to transform their lives.  She does this  through various means including public speaking, writing, empowerment conferences and events, youth campaigns and one to one coaching etc.

​Her mission is to help people, particularly women and overcome the obstacles that have prevented them from living an optimal life and she is most enthusiastic about topics surrounding identity, integrity and intention. Affectionately known as 'God's Girl', Karen has been credited with the ability to take complex issues and present them in a way which is simple, yet profound. This is a major part of what she does.

27. Jessica Huie,MBE  PR, Businesswoman and Entrepreneur, Jessica could have been a statistic as a teenage mum but decided to rewrite her script.  Going from teen mum living temporarily in a London hostel, to travelling the world with a star-studded client roster, making history in the UK high-street and invitations to No. 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, her personal development journey is truly fabulous and inspirational to other women. The recipient of a plethora of awards Jessica continues to inspire women to make life a great and courageous adventure.

28. Mavis Amankwah, Mavis is an award-winning entrepreneur; specialising in marketing, PR, diversity communications and business sustainability. In 2002 she noticed that there was a major gap in the market where corporate and commercial organisations needed to tap into diverse and hard-to-reach audiences but had challenges engaging with them. Mavis founded Rich Visions Diversity Communications to bridge that gap. She has successfully steered the company to become one of the leading diversity communications agencies targeting niche audiences. Rich Visions has worked and created campaigns with over 60 established commercial and corporate organisations including; ASDA, Comic Relief, HMRC, Metropolitan Police, HSBC and MoneyGram.  In 2009, Mavis launched another arm of the agency; Rich Visions Small Business which has helped over 650 enterprises increase sales, marketing and revenue growth via business support, social media and PR.  It has also helped small businesses secure around £6m in low-interest loans. Mavis is a business mentor and strategist with a passion for helping businesses to grow.  She  now has several brands, which includes BE Mogul and Women Like Me Business Club.

She has now published her first book '44 Ways to Grow Your Business or Brand: a step-by-step guide to increase profits'.

29. Jenni Steele, Broadcaster, Journalist, Empowerment Speaker, Award Winning Entrepreneur and Domestic Violence UK Ambassador, Jenni is the author of the book ‘Letters to a Young Generation’.  After living through years of domestic violence as a teenager, Jenni discovered her true strength and found a way out of the relationship that was not only harming her physical and mental health, but holding her back from starting a family and making a career. She speaks to students about her own battle within a relationship in which she experienced physical violence and mental abuse and often shares details of how she made her escape. She rebuilt her life by taking advice, making firm decisions and by returning to full-time education.  Jenni continues to deliver workshops in schools, colleges and other youth agencies to discuss with young people how to ensure they maintained positive relationships around them.

30. Dr Sola Dawkins,  Dr Sola Dawkins has been a pastor for over 15 years ago. She is also the founder and CEO of Women With a Purpose.  Her mission is to empower women to aspire to go higher.  She is a professional life coach and motivational speaker with a diploma in Counselling Skills.  Through her ministry and her company she provides  mentoring and coaching and is passionate to bring renewed understanding, self awareness and transformation. Her focus is transformational change and to inspire individuals to strive for their very best.