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"I had the pleasure of working with Patricia shortly after winning Miss Black Britain and it was the best investment I could have made.  Since working with Patricia I have had the confidence to work internationally, host TV shows overseas and launch my own Academy.  Patricia is the real deal and she is Highly Fabulous.|"

Rachael Williams, Model

"I don`t even know where to begin. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU soo much for inviting me first of all and allowing me to be apart of such a special event. You were just AMAZING, you must be so proud of yourself!!

You have this fantastic energy about you, that speaks for itself and i must say, being in the same room as you,  I suddenly found myself at this place of calmness that i haven't felt to the fullest in a long time. What an achievement. I'm in absolute awe of you. I have to say there are many things that put a smile on my face when I think back to last night, i have to say that hands down, it was the moment when you spoke about when we first met. I was incredibly touched and it bought such a warm feeling to my heart that I can`t find words to describe it. I feel honoured and ever so grateful.  I`ve come away from last feeling more energetic than i am anyway :) , inspired, blessed, grateful, honoured, motivated and determined to make further changes then i already have in my life. The love in the room was ELECTRIC!! I came away wanting more.  I`m blessed that i have you in my life, you must get this from so many of your clients. However let me just say that i feel i`ve been gifted with your such a special friend and the wonderfully strange thing about this is that, i feel like i`ve known you for years, i suppose that speaks for itself. Your such glowing light that's come into my life and i look forward to all that we`ll share."  SP

Sheena Patel, Actress

"I heard about Patricia in Feb 2009 through my Fitness First gym, thought can't hurt to go to a self confidence class. I went there honestly not thinking this could change my life, was thinking would only walk away with a few tips.I was amazed to see so many other people facing the same problems I was, and these were professionals such as myself! The event was an eye opener, seeing myself stuck in the same rut - a dead end job, low self confidence, couldn't seem to hold onto a guy and always blamed myself when things went wrong, I thought no way can I keep doing the same thing year in year out! I quickly signed up to sessions with Patricia after the event and I can truely say the practical tasks and tips she gave me have stuck with me and helped me to grow as a self confident person, and it shows. I still use these tips today when faced with tough situations. She really helped me question what i wanted out of life and ways to go about changing it. Small goals bit by bit got tackled. I amazed myself at how well I did. She was really down to earth and helpful, genuine - that's what made me do the one-on-one sessions with her. Literally within 2 months of having one-on-one sessions with Patricia i found myself the most amazing guy (got engaged June 2009), and we got married Oct 2009. I changed jobs too and am now in a position where I manage a small team (something i only dreamed of doing but shyness held me back), now - shyness is a thing of the past for me! My new self confidence shows and I can finally do what i always dreamed of!  Thanks Patricia, you changed my life for the better! "

Humaira Hameed

Leonie Gutzmore,

My testimony: its very long!

I started taking sessions with Patricia back in summer 2007 after attending a few of her promotional events in the city, including Let's Talk. 

At that time I was suffering with a few knocks to my self esteem including a failed relationship and an incredibly demanding job. 

From the start Patricia showed herself as a very caring person with a real interest in my life. She often pushed me to talk and simply think about things that normally I would run away from; like how I view myself, and my goals and dreams for the future. 

The biggest turning point for me in our sessions was when Patricia asked "What do you like about your job?" I worked 40 hours a week plus evenings and weekends without any extra pay, yet I couldn't think of a reason why I was putting myself through it other than 'that's just what people do.'

After taking time to think about my own personal strengths and talking to close friends and family I found that I am naturally an advice giver. Discussing the idea some more with Patricia I took it further, found a local girls youth club and decided to volunteer in the evenings. This was a great and satisfying thing for me to do and I was really happy putting myself out there like that. 

My job was still as demanding as ever so I tried taking a different view on it. One day after lying on a golden beach yet totally stressed out about work, I decided enough was enough and I went home and quit even though I had nothing else lined up. I immediately called Patricia and she was so excited and proud of me. 
I'd always liked the idea of travelling but I knew the backpackers life wasn't for me. At a random local networking event I found a lady who had just came back from teaching in Japan. She told me all about the company and I fell in love with the idea and applied. 

I have been teaching english in Japan now for over 1 year and I haven't regretted a single moment. I have seen many other parts of the world and had the pleasure to experience a whole other culture. What's more I can do this while helping nuture and develop the minds children and hopefully too, open their eyes to the wider world. 

I am very satisfied with the investment I made in myself by meeting with Patricia. I can definitely say that if I didn't take that step I would be in a very different place right now. 

So I guess what I'm really trying to say is Thank You!!

Patricia, Just to say I am increasingly inspired by your achievements and by looking at what you achieved , there's no stopping you!
Well done you amazing woman, I am loving your book, your radio shows  and your move to beautiful Mayfair.
With my hard work, I am working on coming back to you to continue where we left off. I know with your support I will fulfill my and exceed my potential. Money is a challenge and I know if I want to achieve my dreams it will not stop me from moving forward.
I wanted to share  my body building competition success with you.  Pat I rocked the stage, the hard work and discipline proved all positive!!! Yes I won the comp and now qualify for the british finals in Nottingham 9 & 10th Oct. Please see pics attached.
Thank you for your support and I look forward TO WORKING WITH YOU SOON.
Health & happiness
Joyce x